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Oh my.  Yes it has been that long.  So instead of taking a month to blog about it, here is what you have missed…

  • We are full on in camp.  Dave is with Student Life this week and Rush of Fools at Wake Forest University.  I’m wishing I was there.  Emma’s with him.  I don’t think she slept last night dreaming of camp.
  • Wayfarer camp.  Week one was a great success.  It’s amazing what a group of people and can accomplish when you work together.  Loved being a team. Met some great new people.
  • Talking about camp.  I thought I’d figured out a way to never do housing or connect groups again.  No such luck.  Housing was fun and I’m busy into housing this week for our next Wayfarer Camp next week at Anderson University.
  • Loved knowing Dave and Reichley were able to catch up with 3DM.  I was sad I missed them.  We are always blown away after having any conversation with them.
  • Emma lost her front tooth last night.  She looks hilarious!  I’m happy but sad at the same time.  They are growing up way to fast.
  • Talking about growing up and making some major decisions…  we heard Sam Norris was baptised Sunday.  So proud of that little man and his life.  Brings much joy to my heart.
  • Trying to figure out a way that our family can start hosting people in our home.  No clear pictures yet on how that will happen but it’s exciting.  Just need a few more bedrooms.
  • Frankie is IN LOVE with his daddy.  A wonderful but not so good thing when daddy is gone all summer.  He had a 1 hr cry fest on his way home from camp missing him.
  • Talking about camp, Frankie seemed to enjoy his first experience.  Not too sure of the  loud music or why daddy was on a stage but hey… he’ll figure it out sooner than later.
  • Izzie won’t stop talking.  She wakes up talking and goes to bed talking.  She is having a hard time with her “r” sounds so she is constantly cracking me up.
  • Playing tennis in 95 degree heat is probably not a smart thing to do in the heat of the day. But I’m still so in love with the game.  It keeps getting better.
  • Hot Hot Hot.  If you live in the South then you know what I’m talking about.
  • Pool time is a regular for us.  The kids would spend hours there if I would let them.
  • Excited about some new adventures with this company.  Can’t wait to share more soon.
  • I know a celebrity!  Kristen from Rage Against the Mini Van and adoptive mom and friend is heading to NY Tuesday  to be on the View this Friday I think.  She’ll be talking about blogging and adoption some of my favorite things.
  • Blogging, oh how I love you.  Check out my new blog title in case you missed it.  So long Chapter Two.  Hoping for good things in store for Fingerprints on my Walls.  There is a purpose for the title as the next few years unfold.
  • I’m missing Haiti.  My heart thinks of it everyday.
  • I miss my Haiti connection friends in Houston, Tampa, Austin,  Little Rock and PA and CA and MI.  Why can’t we all live in the same town!  I guess I’m really thankful for blogging and facebook.
  • Some people in the Wayfarer Family are expecting…  Finally!  Will be good to have more babies running around soon.
  • Tried the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and well, it was too spicy for me.  Dave Loves it.
  • Thankful to DVR Toy Story for the kids.  Finally some “boy” themes instead of princess around here.
  • Everyone keeps talking about their beach trips. Would give anything to take off my shoes and go for a stroll.
  • I’m making rice crispy treats for a shower tomorrow night… I’ve never made them before.  Lame I know.  I’m thinking I’ll just buy them!

Blessings Friends.  I’m back at it once again.