Our family finishes up it’s the last night of the first week of camp for the summer.  I say our family but I guess I mean Dave. But I do consider myself just as much a part of what he gets to do on the road as I handle the crew at the home site.  I’ve even managed to get them all down or settled for that matter in the evenings so I can catch what is happening on line.  Feels like I’m there when really I’m not.  Seems like we’ve had a good start for the summer.  I know Dave has enjoyed the week and has loved being with Aaron Keyes and not to mention the wonderful Student Life Staff.  In so many ways it feels like home.  Dave and I have been involved in some way or another with Student Life for the past 14 years.  Wow I can’t believe I just typed 14 years.  We are getting old.  Very old in camp world terms.

We’ll have some family time here the next few days and then Monday we kick off our first week of  Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University.  It’s going to be fabulous.  So much work and time and effort has gone into every detail of camp.  Now just to anticipate the arrival of the students coming in.  We even have a group coming all the way from Midland, TX.