I just got back from a baby shower.  I love baby showers because I love celebrating “new life” with others.  This one was great because my friend Lauren is having a girl named Zoe… meaning life.

There is just something about women coming together in a room and gathering and celebrating and gifting and catching up.  I saw so many ladies I have not seen in such a long time and it does a heart good to see them and get a moment to engage in their lives.  It’s a wonderful thing when you can join the conversation and just pick up where you left off.  It’s so encouraging and good.  I’m thankful there are people in my life that I hate I don’t get to see often but at the same time can be encouraged through.  Plus on our recent peanut butter and jelly kick (since Dave is gone a lot) it was fantastic to eat some amazing random food that you don’t normally get to eat except at a shower. 

My spirit is full and so is my belly.  Now off to pack the backs for a last minute trip to head to see Dave tomorrow.  He wants us to come to camp.  I agreed but I know once the van is packed and kids are in tow I’ll be kicking myself wondering “what am I thinking!”  It’s not easy managing camp with two three year olds at times.  However it will be good to be with the camp world for a day.  Some great things are happening in the lives of the students there this week.

Dave said tonight was a great night.  Lots of students broken and responding in their own ways.  He said Emma came to him crying tonight.   He asked her why she was crying?  She said because all the other people are crying.  She has such a sensitive heart.  I look forward to the ways the Lord will teach her and guide her these coming years.  She is a child of great compassion.  Dave had a moment with her tonight to talk to her about the life changes that were happening in the room.  I’m thankful that Student Life welcomes family to come when they can.  It’s huge that our family including our children get to be a part of something bigger than themselves and for that I am thankful.

Celebrating new life and changing life this evening…..