2 years ago today after a long day of labor, I was finally given news that I’d have to be rolled off for a C-Section.  I thought I was about to die.  After 4 tries of them trying to get me numb the 5th time finally worked.  You were born at 11:55PM.  I don’t remember much of that time since I was given medication to calm me down since I was totally panicking on the table.  All that to say you were born into a room of severe anxiety and I’m wondering if that has set the tone for you life. Let’s hope not.

The moment you came into this world was the moment God reminded me with his Grace that miracles still do happen.  I still can’t believe He gave me you.

Izzie – Happy Birthday.  You have brought so much joy and fun into our family.  You are setting a stage for life right now.  Discovering your independence and voice.  I’m so thankful for you.  You make our life so much richer.  You’ve officially hit the terrible two’s.  They are not so terrible but it’s fun seeing you embark on them.  I think this picture tells it all.  Tell you to smile and watch out world… you’ve got your own look to give.  We are looking forward to celebrating your b-day this weekend with you.  We love you Izzie!