Dave heard a quote yesterday on meet the press and we were talking about it last night.  Brokaw was interviewing Valerie Jarrett, the new co-chair of Obama’s transition team.  Brokaw asked her about Obama’s flaws…

MR. BROKAW:  I want to share with you something that was said in the Chicago Tribune.  “Obama said that having an adviser like Jarrett, someone who `knows your flaws but also knows your strengths’ is crucial.  What are his flaws?

MS. JARRETT:  Well, that’s the advantage of being his friend is that I only talk about his strengths.  We never talk about his flaws, but he does have them.  Nobody’s perfect, of course.

It lead Dave and I on a great discussion.  About how it’s so important to surround yourself with a group of people that really knows you.  Knows you at your best and knows you at your worst.  But what hit me really hard about our discussion is that it’s important to have friends who at the end of the day will come to the table with you in all of your mess and then CHOOSE to talk about your strengths.  I hope that I am in the process of becoming that kind of friends to others.  To know we all have crap in our lives but to be sure that I am emphasizing people’s best about them and not their flaws.  Because we all have flaws!