This is Roger and today, if all goes as planned he will get to meet Frankie and see where he lives.  I really have sat in awe as we first had Jamie, and now Roger to have the opportunity to meet our son.  Seriously, how often does that happen?  I am in love with Haiti for many reasons but one of them is that it’s not half way around the world.  It’s a 1.5 hr flight from Miami.  It’s actually longer for us to fly to TX from where we live than it is to Haiti.

Roger is in Haiti with Compassion filming some material for Student Life Camps this summer.  This summer SL is featuring Haiti at all their Beach Camps and showing students ways they can help children through Compassion there.  Dave will be at one of the beach camps this summer.  I can’t wait to hopefully go with him and be a part of even telling our own journey with Haiti, a country we deeply love.

We have been friends with Roger for over 15 years.  I actually worked with him, we used to live in community together and as time allows we try and get our families together as often as we can living in separate parts of the country. 

So Frankie, I hope you enjoy a surprise visit today from Roger.  Don’t let him scare you.  He’s really a big teady bear when you break away past that facial hair! Ha!