So August 30th was the last time I posted.  Really?  Has it been that long?  I feel like I’ve been sitting next to this tree above pondering and reflecting. I’ve had a light turn on in my world in the past few months and the reality is that it awakened me to see so many things that I just never knew were there.  And sometimes in that process you just stop everything you are doing and take in all that you are seeing.  I guess that is the best way to describe what has happened the past months.  And it has to happen that way.  When you live and “are” in a place for over 10 years and then you uproot…  There is always that time needed of preparing the soil again so that as you plant yourself back down in a new location… the roots are protected and placed with such a careful hand so that hopefully in a matter of a short time you’ll be strong and grounded in your new surroundings.  So that is me.  I am finally feeling like the strong winds can’t blow me over and I have some major roots that have anchored here in Pawleys.

And so, now what??  The bigger hurdle is where do you start to jump back in and keep going in blog world?  Especially when you feel like you have too much to share and have no where to begin.  So I’m going to stop sitting around and thinking about because then I’ll never probably ever blog again and just pick up with today…  And one day I’ll hopefully get the time to share about all the transforming things that have happened over our “transition” time.

So here is words on paper coming more often!