I don’t know what it is for me about the number 5.  But having a child turn from 4 (toddlerhood) to 5 (childhood) is sad for me.  For the past 9 years we have been in stages of having children in the age range of 1-4.  And that window into our lives is about to close.  It’s a passing of a season for me.  And come March when Frankie turns 5 I know I will officially feel that window has closed.  It just brings up the reality of time and how quickly it passes.  And although I won’t miss all the hard things of having babies and toddlers in the home I truly will mourn a bit the passing of that season of our lives.

Yesterday I experienced a first.  One of my children had a birthday party and Dave and I were basically the only family members that were not in attendance.  For Izzie’s birthday our gift to her was sending her to Greenville to share a weekend with all the grandparents and cousins.  And while there, they threw her a party.  From the looks of these pictures she had a wonderful time.  Looking forward to getting her back home tonight.  Happy Birthday Izzie.  The journey to have you was one of the most faith defining time periods of my life.  And with your presence from the moment we found out about you till today you continue to bring “much laughter” to us all.