On Facebook this morning Rage Against the Minivan was posting about how to blog from your iphone.  I’m trying to figure out time to post from my computer.  So much catching up to do and so many new routines.  I’ve got calls to return and paperwork to be filled out.  And so many people asking how it is going.  So with that said, I really wanted to give you a peak into life for us since we have moved.  We are by all means doing fantastic.  Still feel in a daze at times and wonder if this new journey we are on is real, a bit of a dream? But as the daily rhythm starts to find itself I’m getting more grounded and am confident that yes I am home.

Pawleys Island.  Someone this week posted on my FB page saying they say that Pawleys is a piece of heaven on earth.

I dare say that is true and wake up many mornings wondering if this new way of coastal living is really happening.  Pawleys is beautiful.  We knew this last year as we took a sabbatical here for 3 months.  But I think in the process of physically knowing this is now home, a new awareness of it’s beauty it evident.  I am so thankful to be here and to dive into life here.  It’s a peaceful place.  And that is so good considering the work we are part of is intense, advancing, always moving, so the peace of the land here is something that balances our life quite well.  (Every day a new white board appears at the office it seems with some new advancement.  It’s very fun and exciting) (and as you can tell Dave is REALLY enjoying his new life here.)  Just kidding.  He’s the hardest working man I know!  He’s in Atlanta this week with half our team who is helping to train leaders.

I have spent the last week waking up and going to bed thanking HIM for all he has done for us.  Our home in Greenville closes tomorrow and the couple buying it are so excited about it.  The home we are renting here is beyond anything I could have ever desired for us.  It even comes with a pet alligator.  (can you see him in the middle?)  Izzie has named him Crockie.

My kids have begged for a dog for years and instead I give them an alligator! (don’t worry mom, I’m told this is normal) I’ve already met some wonderful neighbors who have given us gifts of welcome as we settle in.  Nothing like flowers to make you feel truly at home.

The kids have all made the smoothest transition. Emma is doing so well in school and already making many friends. Can’t believe she has started 3rd Grade this year and she was so excited about the first day of school.

Izzie and Frankie are keeping me on my toes and they too will start school here soon.  But everyone here is happy, content and at peace.

We are settled into our new offices.  We have an amazing space here that our furniture from the Wayfarer office just fit right in.

I have lots of hopes and dreams for this next season of my life.   My heart still beats passionately for adoption, Haiti, ministry, wives of ministry, Oikos, discipleship. I want to be part of and do great great things for the Kingdom but even more than that I want others coming behind me to do even greater things than I could have have ever done. My end game is to give away all that we have been given.  Hold nothing back.  A season of blessing always requires the need and desire to give even more.  At least that is what I have experienced.

I was reminded today that He is Faithful.  Not just to meet your needs emotionally, spiritually, physically, but to do far exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine.  He has done that for us.  It’s our testimony to share.  And He can do that for you.  It does not mean there won’t be hard times.  In the midst of all the good going on our car took a beating this week.  It happens. Nothing is perfect.

BUT He is Faithful.  And I praise him for that today.

So that is what you have been missing.  I hope all of you are well and good and like I said before, our home is always open to you and I hope we see lots of those we love make their way to visit us here.  Pawleys and the Rhodes will welcome you with open arms.