The house is still and all in boxes.  Just waiting for Dave to arrive sometime today to begin loading the truck.  What a crazy way to end the summer.  I picture him riding in on his white horse, waiving his wand… truck starts to load by itself and we pull away off into the sunset with 3 kids in tote.  It’s really not going to happen that way but I am celebrating today the end of his summer schedule.  And boy has that man been busy.  I was just about to look at the calendar and see how many days he was actually home but then I would get a glimpse at how few days there were so why bother.  Our family has had an incredible summer of ministry.  WE LOVE SUMMER CAMP.  You get to meet so many people, partner with so many amazing organizations and groups.  And at the end of the day, lives collided and were challenged, encouraged and shared.  And hopefully a Kairos happened that will leave us and others different.  And I must say our summer on the home front went amazingly well too.  For so much unknown to be part of everyday… I think I handled the kids, packing fairly well.

A few years ago when our family was going through a lot of ministry change, our family and the Reichley family headed to Pawleys Island to meet the Breens and Cockrams.  People our husbands had met at a “Taster” and they were bringing us wives back for a 24 hr visit.  I still remember arriving past 11:30PM and pulling into a plantation neighborhood and this tall, slick, Brit, welcomed us with opened arms.  Not far behind him was another Brit waiting to take the Reichleys.  I remember going to bed in the Breen home and wondering if I could ever feel more welcomed or honored to be somewhere. Do they do this for everyone?  Of course later to find out they do.  It’s what they do best.  Open up their lives and challenge and invite people.  Our time there was nothing but a Kairos moment for me.  In our weakness we were encouraged to remain and be reminded that we were in the pruning process.  Pruning is hard.  I don’t think anyone likes it.  But it was a good season for us to reflect on ourselves and things the Lord wanted to trim back in us.  But the thing about pruning is that it’s necessary for growth to happen again. So as we remained, rested and abided and after a lot of time…  we looked around and started to see some of the first fruits coming.

Looking back I can’t help but think that trip was a prophetic one.  Who would have ever thought that our first encounter with 3DM would lead our lives and our family back to Pawleys as we joining together in family and ministry. In a few days the Rhodes will enter the same gates we did a few years ago and establish home, and the Reicheys will enter the same gates they did a few year ago and establish home.  He is perfect in his way.  Looking back now I’m truly blown away.

I know I’ve not updated much about our move.  What a year it has been.  Our home has been on the market for OVER A YEAR.  We have had countless showings and people always walking away telling us how much they loved our house.  Agents and clients alike.  I think we only had one showing that said they did not care for it.  I wondered so many times if so many people just loved our home then why no offers?  All along Dave would say he’s not worried about it.  But I was.  I knew it would all work out but I also know things don’t always work out in a pretty little package tied up with a bow.  Plus I was TIRED.  Try living in a home for a year that in a matter of hours could be shown.  Add three children to that home and I don’t want to tell you how many times I’ve been on my hands and knees wiping the floors for the next showing.

About a month ago, July 15th to be exact… Dave came home after some conversations with our team and said to our family, we’ve got to go.  It’s time to “go before know.”  Until this point we were not moving till the house sold.  This changed things.  We were now making plans to be in Pawleys by August 15.  This was great news to me.  It was a plan in the unknown.  Was I worried?  Yes.  Did I know it would all work out.  I hoped so.

We had a crazy trip there for a day (took my mom too)  thought we had a lead on a place and when we saw it we quickly realized there would be no way a family of 5 could fit and host and entertain like we plan to do.  I was defeated.  Do you know how hard it is to find decent UNFURNISHED home in Pawleys, the place of retreat where everyone has furnished rentals?  So with our friends and mom in tote we looked at one last place.  I was just in a fog by this point.  We thought it was unfurnished (which is why we even went to look at it) but when we pulled up we could tell it was furnished.  We decided to still take a look.  Walked in the place and had that moment of just knowing this was our new home.  I think I will remember my mom’s reaction the most that day.  You see the price they were asking surely had to be wrong.  They must have meant that price by week, not month.  But it was the monthly price and at the end of the day we are paying even less.  It’s the perfect home for us.  Dave said he’d live there the rest of his life.  My mom did the hallelujah dance, we cried and thanked him the whole drive home for providing for us just as he knows how.  Even if we had to put our furniture in storage it would be worth it.

BUT we still had a house to sell and no clue how on earth we would ever afford 2 home payments a month.  We finally put our house on the rental market.  Which I really did not want to do.  But I met a wonderful woman who we listed with who get this.. has a HUGE heart for discipleship and has worked at a church for over 12 years doing just that.  Has even been to Africa trying to disciple people.  I’m not saying our house did not sell all this time just so that our lives would collide but I would not be surprised if that was totally why.  She’s coming to Pawleys soon I hope for some time with us.  So as our house was listed for rent, we called our realtors one last time to make one final price drop so that we knew we did all we could to sell the house.  Rent or Sell was what we were praying for.

I called our realtors Wednesday night last week.  They said someone called them that same night and wanted to see our house on Thursday.  They looked at the house Thursday with our realtor.  They LOVED it.  Came back Friday to look again.  On Friday By 5 PM, just as Dave’s plane was landing we had an offer on the house.  by 9PM we had signed all the contracts just in time for Dave to leave again the next morning.  I’m really not making this stuff up.  And the blessing in it all (I think) is that part of the offer was that they really wanted a lot of our furniture.  Which I might have struggled with a bit but also know a few weeks back the Lord provided us a fully furnished and beautiful home.  So it was no big deal to sell them some of our furniture as well.  For some reason we were supposed to release our “stuff”. We close on the home Aug 31.  And could not have asked for a better couple to come in have our home.

In a matter of 2 days HE DID IT.  I’ll never forget those 48 hours and the people that stood in the gap for me with their faith when I felt mine lacked.

SO IN HIS PERFECT TIMING..  we will depart the upstate Monday morning and head to start this new season of our lives.  I could not have planned things any better with the timing of everything.  I really have cherished this time.  I’ve gathered all the memories and stored them in my heart.  And HE has given me closure in every area of my life.  Even area’s I did not know I needed it.  He made sure it happened.  I leave the Upstate knowing our time here was well served.  I have so many Happy memories of ministry and family here.  And I have the most peace about leaving.  And we will be back to visit since our family is all here so that is a wonderful thing to have as we leave.

I’m very encouraged.  I feel the Lord has given me a few major life experiences of being in the waiting on infertility issues, adoption, a home to sell that have built my faith in ways that hopefully I’ll be able to really be able to encourage others in their own journey’s they find themselves in.

So, someone once said – “You never know how many friends you have till you have a beach house.”  We don’t actually have a beach house but we can “almost” walk to it.  I hope this statement is true.  I hope that many of our friends come and visit with us in this new Chapter of our lives.  We promise you are always welcome.  We will invite you in with open hearts and will challenge you just the same as we all continue on life’s journey.  I sometimes get glimpses into the future of the movement that we at 3DM are creating. The team of people and families that are part of this journey with us blow me away.  It’s exciting.  It’s rewarding.  It’s going to be hard work.  But WE is better than ME any day and I’m thankful for the team that the Lord saw fit to collide us with.

Goodbye Upstate…. Hello Pawleys…..We are ready to get after it!