This past Friday I loaded up the kids and headed to Atlanta.  Dave was at a camp so this was a road trip I embarked on my own.  Friday we were able to take part of celebrating the year anniversary of the Light a Candle, Feed a child program.  This past year our family partnered with Bridgewater in the program as we had “Frankie’s Candle” the “Scent of a Mothers Love” as the Special Edition Candle of this year.

I’ve never been to the Atlanta Mart.  I was pretty blown away.  I had no idea a place like this exhisted ALL OF THE TIME.  It’s crazy.  Venders upon Venders… Show rooms upon show rooms.  So much creativity at display that it left even my little created sould overwhelmed.

BUT I will say this.  There is NOTHING like being able to take part or support something that is right in Line with your passion.  Adoption/Feeding Children/Orphanages/ I really enjoyed every part of the evening and that much more.  It really has been an honor for our family to partner with this amazing company.  And we all know that the people make the company and the people of Grace Management are exceptional and passionate which is why they are so successful in all they set out to accomplish.  It was a joy to be a continued story of the light a candle feed a child program.  Others have come before us and new stories will join as the journey continues.  And in the end awareness is made and orphans are helped. A few highlights from our time away.

I don’t think our kids have ever stayed this high up in a hotel before.  30th Floor!

The Bridgewater Show Room is AMAZING!