Emma has been saving her money for over a year now.  Hiding it away in her wallet.  Anything found has been a treasure that gets evaluated but then put away.  Many times we would be in a store and she would want something.  She would think long and hard about it. I’d always ask her if she really wanted it she could use her money to get it.  Sometimes she almost would choose to get it.  With each time she would evaluate the cost of if it was worth it.

Being in Atlanta last weekend we decided to hit up the American Girl doll Store.  I mean if you are close you need to go if even it’s just once.  We teach our children the art of sacrifice but we also teach them the art of celebration.  For our family life is both sacrifice and celebration and when you live in that tension life is beautiful.  So a trip to this store was a huge act of celebration for us.

Emma got her first American Girl doll a few years ago.  It was a big deal for her to receive it.  In just the past year Izzie has gotten interest in Emma’s doll and has asked many times when it will be her turn to get one. “When you are old enough to take care of it” has always been my response.

Before heading to Atlanta while packing and getting ready to go, Emma pulled me aside and whispered something in my ear.  “Mom, I’m going to buy Izzie her first doll.”  Of course I was a bit shocked but so not surprised.  I told her that she did not have to do that but she insisted and said, I really want to do it.

I was not prepared for the moment I had at the register when she handed the cashier all her wadded up bills that had been stuffed away in her wallet.  She could have purchased things in the store for herself.  Things she really wanted.  As the cashier finished counting all the bills and handed us the bag that held the new doll for Izzie, Emma looked at me and said. ” Mom, that made me feel so good.”  I told her I hoped she would always remember how she is feeling because in life it’s “far better to give, than to receive.”

Seeing sacrificial giving through a child is humbling.  I have a garage full of items that I had planned to sell in our upcoming move.  I’m thinking Emma is teaching me that maybe I should be giving as much of it away as possible.

Sacrificial Giving… I want more of that in my life….  Thank you Emma for modeling that so well for our family.