Go Before Know – Because sometimes the Promised Land is only visible as you begin to walk.

A little over a week ago, Dave came home and we just had one of those conversations where we both knew it was time to make some steps that do not make sense.  So we really need to be in Pawleys soon.  Emma is needing to start a new school year.  We are needing to be on the ground and moving and collaborating with the team.  Our office building has sold but we are waiting on our homes.  We’ve lowered our price yet again and are almost giving our house away.  We may even need to rent it if it comes to that.  But it takes a family that wants it and we can’t control that part of it. But the conversation lead to a decision that as a ISTJ makes no rational to me.  Regardless of what happens with our home we need to take that leap and “Go Before Know”

In that moment a bold move… We are making plans to be in Pawleys by mid August.

It is a leap because it does not make sense.  You don’t know the outcome.  It requires risk, it requires sacrifice, it requires stepping into the unknown and knowing may cost you a lot.

For a few nights I laid in bed with so many things going through my mind.  How will this all work out?  How can we secure a new place to rent in Pawleys when we still have our home here? How will be afford to do this?  Isn’t this irresponsible? We do not have the money to do this. Didn’t we say we would not go till our home sold? What happens if our home here won’t sell or rent?  How will we ever find a place there that we can afford?

But it’s a leap that does make sense.  Because you know the one who called you is faithful.  And in His hands there is blessing and a Father that guides us as he pours out breakthrough and provision that only is possible when He leads the way.

So that is what our family will do.  We Go Before Know.  Not because it’s being irresponsible or rash.  But because sometimes in these moments, regardless of the outcome you have to choose to walk.

We were in Pawleys today and now are home.  Needing to find a place for our family for the next year or so.  It was a rollercoaster ride.  Unfurnished rentals in Pawleys are not easy to find and it’s a rental market right now for sure. At one point in the day I sat on a floor so discouraged wondering if we would ever find a home for us.  2 hrs later I’m staring in amazement at a place that was unexpected and has EVERYTHING we would have wanted or needed in a home and a little more. It took me by surprise.

I will tell about the events that took place today.  But for the moment I will Remember what He did.  Our circumstances have not changed but His daily provision is all that we need. He showed us that today.

Are you in a moment of needing to Go Before Know?  Sometimes the Promised Land is only visible as you begin to walk.  I dare you to start walking!