There are some moments in life that you know you will never forget because they were life changing.  I’m still here sitting and waiting on personal breakthrough for our home to sell.  I look at my watch and calendar and the time is ticking.  With each day I wonder what will be in store for the day that follows.  Will this be the day I see breakthrough happen?  In our transition to move to Pawleys our team basically  has three properties to sell.  Our home, our friends home who are moving there as well, and our office building in Spartanburg.  These three things needs to be released from our responsibility so that we can be free to move forward.

Yesterday a miracle happened. I dont’ use that term lightly.  I don’t just say things like that but our team experienced a true miracle.  I’m wearing a slap band watch right now that is rather popular this summer.  If you want one they are only $10 and you can get it here. We had them ordered for Wayfarer Camp as a product but they have turned out to be so much more than that.  They have become this amazing tool that is a constant reminder of Truth. On the Watch is printed the word Kairos.

And as I look at my wrist often I am reminded of this Truth: Kairos reminds me that at any time God can break in and change everything. At any moment, in any situation He can step in and make all things new. Sometimes He changes my circumstances. Other times He changes me for my circumstances. Either way His goodness rules over the time I  find myself  in. Because where I  see TIME, HE sees TIMING.

Last week on the last session of Wayfarer Camp out of really no where an offer came in on our office building.  Just yesterday we countered and they accepted the counter offer.  As our agent sat with some of our board members, he emphasized that an offer like this just does not happen in this economy.  And our whole team was reminded that not only is he in perfect control of our timing.. but his timing is ALWAYS perfect.

Out of the three properties needing to be sold, the office was the hardest one to even think of happening.  And just like that He took care of it.  It’s in these moments that I often wonder why I even doubted to begin with.

So as I sit and wait on our personal breakthrough on our own home I’ll take time to remember how He has always come through for us in the past.  It’s such a sweet time of remembering the moments of breakthrough.  His hand has been ever so gentle in guiding us on this transition.  He has made closure happen in so many area’s of our lives to fully be able to release us from the upstate.  Some of it has been hard to move through but most of it has been ever so sweet to experience as only he could shut the door when we never had the strength to do it ourselves.

With each tic of the second hand on my watch I will continue to give him all my worries of Time and Trust his Timing.

I think of the people He has brought into our lives in the past few years.  The people who have become our ministry family who very soon we will be physically living together with.  The only thing better than experiencing breakthrough is to be able to celebrate it with others. Life truly is better when lived in community.  Thankful for the Oikos that surrounds us.

I think it’s going to be exciting to see how our two homes that are left are released from us.  I have no clue how it will happen but I trust the one who has called us to this journey.  So that means I will trust His Timing too.