A time to….

Ponder how fast the first year of pre-school is over.  Last Thursday we celebrated Frankie and Izzie’s last day of school.  It was such a fun celebration and as a mother I enjoyed seeing them in their social setting with their friends and teachers.  Izzie and Frankie have grown so much this year.  Izzie was so ready to be off and learning.  It was so good for Frankie to have another voice in his life, “his teacher” to help teach him and share with him.

My favorite part of the celebration was a prerecorded song and video of “We are going on a Bear Hunt”  Frankie was in the middle of the group and moving and swaying to his own Haitian beat.  I had to chuckle at the fact that he’s my son and actually has some rhythm. Something no one else in our family seems to have.   It blessed my heart…

A time to ….

Rest and Enjoy the Company of Old and New Friends and Celebrate New Life.  This weekend I had a girls get away.  I don’t think you ever realize how much you need it until you actually go and find yourself in the middle of much needed time.  And who can’t relax when you wake up and look out of this view from your bedroom window.

I am so thankful for my gracious and sweet friends in Pawleys who open up their lives and homes to us every time we come.  And this weekend was super special because we were in town for Helens baby shower.  Her third child but first EVER baby shower.  She’s from England and apparently you don’t do baby showers over there…   As her shower started and people began to arrive I was so surprised at how many people I knew.  From our time here this fall I was in a lady’s small group, book club and then with our 3DM family.. It was such a blessing to be able to say hello to so many people that I have had a chance to begin to know.  I’m pretty much a good introvert but was blessed to realize the rewards of putting yourself out there in a new community and meeting new people.  I LONG to grow those relationships as our life continues to unfold.

And last night we ended the weekend celebrating David Walkers new CD release.  That was a blessing too.  One, because it was a joy to go and support David and the amazing gifts and abilities he has been given in leading worship.  It’s a great new album and I loved hearing some of his songs for the first time.   And as an added bonus, it was so good to see so many people I don’t get to see much anymore.  I am still blown away at how fast all the kids I saw last night are GROWING… Wants me to stop time all together for all of us mothers sakes! But seriously I loved colliding with people and sharing a smile and a hug.

A time to….

Be Patient in Waiting to Share some much exciting Family news. So much has happened with our family over the past year.  So many exciting things unfolding for us even as I type.  I am seriously sitting here waiting on word that I can share a new part of our story with you.  So many of you already know, but so many I don’t think are aware of the changes in store for us.  I promise, some long posts are coming.  Things that when I look back I really am in awe of how good God has been to us.  Sometimes we don’t always understand his plan in the midst of our journey.  But when in those moments that they are revealed and you actually get to look back and fully understand what He was up to… well those have and always will be my most personal rewarding and precious discoveries.  I’m not alone in that. I have seen Him do that for so many others.  He’s always faithful… through the storms and through the bright sunny days…  never changing… always there….always faithful.