Being a mother really has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.  Yesterday was fun for me.  To see my kids embrace celebrating mothers day without having to prompt them.  You know normally we tell them to create a card for someone’s birthday or teach them  to say “thank you” when someone does something for them.  But yesterday involved no promptings and it was a joy for me to receive their raw acts of giving and serving. As I still was asleep in bed I heard the whispers in the Kitchen.  I knew what they were up to as I doze in and out of consciousness…  And then over a half and  hour later I get a tap on my shoulder and roll over to see a special morning breakfast just for me…  The girls are amazing and their brother helped them out by sleeping in so they could get done what they needed to without his help.

And then we were off to church.   Emma wanted to sit with me in service and it was such a special treat.  I kept telling her how much I loved being her mom.  My sweet girl, my sweet family.  And of course our traditional Sunday meal …. MEXICAN….  the day would not feel complete with out it.

I’ll be honest, I thought a lot about Frankie’s mother too.  Being thankful that she made the decisions she did that allowed her to have her son and then to find a way for him to get to Heartline where then our lives intersected with him. It’s sad for me that I will never know her.  Since I am a knower of information I really long to know about her life and her story.  I hope she would be proud of the journey her son has been on.  And it really is a wonderful honor and blessing to be able for me to be Frankie’s mom. I love him so very much.

Being a mother in it’s moments is hard work.  Some days I wonder if I’ll make it through.  Some days I know I get it all wrong.  Some days I wonder if my children will ever learn what I’m trying to teach them. Some days I think will never end. Yesterday however was a day to reflect and celebrate the wonderful and amazing responsibility I have been given and a day to try and hold back tears as I’m all too aware that the years are passing by too quickly.