So I have been saying that our family has some big news to share!

Wayfarer (The ministry Dave and I are part of) has some big news that effects our family.  Here is the link to Wayfarers latest newsletter and then I’ve included the big announcement below.  I’ve been dying to socially be able to start sharing the details of our personal journey.  I am BEYOND excited about the next phase of our ministry life and what we feel God is calling us to be part of.  Our lives have collided with some amazing people that it has been an honor to call friends, but more than that, they have become our family.  There is nothing better or more rewarding for me personally than to do life with a community of people.  Life lived with high inviation and high challenge as we form an Oikos living out community and mission together.  We’ve lived that way our whole lives. I know we’ll do that till we have no more breath in us.  So here is the exciting news from Wayfarer….

Dear Friends,

We wanted to take a minute to invite you into a major transition that is happening in the life and ministry of our team here at Wayfarer. It is a transition that has potential to take the work of Wayfarer and exponentially increase our touch and impact for Christ and His kingdom. It also is a transition that comes with significant risk. A little more than 10 years ago, Wayfarer was started in response to a holy hunch, a gentle whisper, and the subtle wooing of the Holy Spirit. In room 1228 of the Dallas Fairmont Hotel, where some of us were staying as we attended an expository preaching conference, we sought God for the next steps of our lives and ministry. The decision that resulted from this search in many ways meant following God into unknown and unfamiliar territory. It was a decision made not in the absence of doubt but made as an act of faith. This decision to create Wayfarer was a decision that in many ways cost us everything. 
The good news at that time for us, though, was that we really didn’t have that much to give up. So, we leveraged everything we had in the hopes of creating something – something we hoped might in some way change the world. Ten years later Wayfarer is changing the world through a variety of environments, resources, content, consulting, and speaking platforms. Our creative conspiracy of deep personal friendship and an insatiable desire to learn has led us to meld practical theology with media technology in order to “design collisions that awaken lives to rediscover Christ.” The result is that literally hundreds of thousands of people have been touched or ministered to in some way through Wayfarer. Many have come into faith. Many more have had their faith come to life. And for us on the team, it has been better and harder than we ever imagined it would be. 
Ten years later, that now-familiar hunch, recognizable whisper, and gentle wooing is calling us once again, this time to move into the next phase of this journey. And this next phase comes again at great risk. It is one thing to give and risk everything when you have nothing. It is very different when that nothing has become something that is doing so much good in the world. And yet, the call of faith continues to stir within us to head into somewhat unknown and unfamiliar territory again to discover, like Abraham, the land that will only be visible as we begin to walk. 
In this new phase of our journey, we are convinced God is calling Wayfarer to join with another ministry that we believe shares a common heart and mission. Three-Dimensional Movements (3DM) is an organization at the center of a global reformation movement that is devoted to partnering with and helping churches rethink their discipling and missional cultures. Born out of the work and ministry of Mike Breen, a work that started in Sheffield,
England, and became one of the largest churches in Europe is now helping churches across the U.S. create discipling cultures and carry out missional communities. We believe 3DM’s groundbreaking work stems from helping the church re-discover the person and way of Christ. In the end we believe this joined movement of Wayfarer and 3DM will lead to more churches and Christians taking part in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus.
Our exposure to 3DM began a little more than a year ago when we were invited by a mutual friend to one of 3DM’s Taster events, where churches can come and get a free taste of the kind of ministry to which the 3DM team members are devoting their lives. Needlss to say, we were blown away by their heart and passion and also by the practical vehicles that they had created to help churches with this movement. We have become convinced that these vehicles can create the necessary ongoing culture capable of sustaining the things that we at Wayfarer have given our lives to awaken. 
We investigated and pursued 3DM primarily by engaging them in relationship. In the following months, a friendship and partnership emerged. Countless conversations produced contagious connections. And we began to dream of what could happen if our two organizations became one movement. As we talked, an obvious truth emerged. In the past, Wayfarer’s work has primarily been utilized in the lives of 20-somethings, college students, high-school and junior-high students, and children. On the other hand, 3DM’s primary work has been in the lives of church networks and leaders, most of whom are adults. By combining our movements, we can now create a cradle-to-grave expression of reformation that churches across the country and around the world can grab hold of at every level to rethink and recreate how church is done. We believe that, by using the vehicles that Wayfarer has developed for awakening and combining them with the vehicles that 3DM has developed for the broader church, the churches we are serving can develop a better future. And helping
churches in this kind of way is what we have always hoped to do. 
This decision to join forces however, has not come lightly. We have lived into it. We have tested it. In fact, some of us have actually spent months living side by side with them (that was us!). And what we have found has only confirmed what we first sensed from 3DM’s teaching. So now we once again lean into a faith journey that is calling us forward. Practically, this will mean that the headquarters of Wayfarer will be housed in Pawley’s Island, S.C. We hope to complete this part of the merger by August 2011. Wayfarer’s team will work both from Pawley’s Island and the Upstate. In the merged organization, we will continue our work and partnerships. We will also continue Wayfarer Camp and Room 1228. But now we will also build bridges to use these resources to impact the entire church.
Our hope is that as you begin to be introduced to 3DM, those of you have prayed for, partnered with, and supported us in the past will continue with us for the future. This is not the end of Wayfarer. Rather, it is the expansion of the dream that started back in a hotel room in Dallas 10 years ago. We believe that by forging this partnership, our chances to change the world increase. 
Thank you for taking the time to allow us to share with you our journey. Thank you for being part of this movement. We hope that we have served you well and that we will continue to serve you well. But even more we hope you will join us as we step in faith into the future. We have never been more confident or excited about taking these next steps for Wayfarer. 
In Christ,
The Wayfarer Team

Of course I HAVE LOTS to say about what this means specifically for our family.  More thoughts from me coming soon!