Preface:  I have about 20 drafts written on posts and then when it comes time to publish them, I just can’t do it.  I’m not sure why it is.  I blog for me so posts are always coming but sometimes I just feel different about hitting PUBLISH POST.  Sure it has to do with, “I don’t think people want to hear about all the happenings, or to be really honest, so many people we know are going through some really difficult things and in ways my posts just seem too happy or to irrelevant of news to even attempt to put it out there. And I have some really specific things to share about our life and our journey but I’m on a hold button for a little moment longer till I get the green social light! ” But I have to really challenge myself to let it fly, good or bad, happy or sad regardless of the cycle of life I find myself in or I find those I dearly love in.  Sharing is what makes the family work – I like how the Brooks family puts that as they minister to those in Tuscaloosa after such a devastating week last week.  So with that said, I never hit Publish on our time during Easter.  it was a great Easter!

A True Sabbath:
Nowhere to GO,
No one to SEE.
Nothing to DO,
Just BE.

That was Easter weekend in a nutshell.  Had some wonderful moments BEING. I was hosting the family Easter dinner  and  the kids wanted to help decorate.  So we spent time coming up with words that described Easter for some table decorations.  Cut up an old pottery barn magazine and they had at it. 

Add a little ribbon and hang them on some chairs…

And we colored eggs as well.  Odd it’s the first time we have done this..

Frankie colored them too but somehow did not make the picture.  He loved it!

Easter was fantastic.  A memory for me personally to hold on to.  Celebrating LIFE, REDEMPTION!  Lovely time!