So Much going on.  We have been SO BUSY. 

Since Frankie’s Birthday the TRAIN has been moving.  Started out with Dave in Charleston with the first ever Quad Community for 3DM.  It was a HUGE success.  I was able to escape for a day and join in.  It’s been an amazing thing to be part of a team that is helping to train churches in creating missional communities and discipleship cultures.  So much more to share soon on that journey for us, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer….

Then Dave was in Macon, GA for a day before heading to Sheffield, England where he got to spend the week there with friends seeing all that the community in Sheffield is has and continues to do.  It was a great learning opportunity.  And of course it’s always fun meeting new people. 

Then, we had friends in town for a visit and then off to Pawleys to see more friends and for Dave to speak at a church there that is coming to Wayfarer Camp.  It was a fun time connecting with everyone and the kids loved seeing all their friends.

The Two Izzie’s (Little Izzie and Izzy)

Then Dave and I headed with the littles to Tuscaloosa, AL to be with Chris and Audrey at the “Well” and then on to Destin for their college retreat.  It was great seeing all that God is doing in them and through them.  And who can’t help but want to give Maggie Brooks all the chocolate she wants.. Me!

And we’ll enjoy this moment till we get to meet up again…

Then we headed back to Pawleys for a Big Picture Day.  Sally and Libby who recently went to Haiti with Compassion brought me back the best Haitian Nativity.  Looks a little something like this… Oh my word I love it so very much. And I love to see Haiti birth passions in others.  Can’t wait to see the future on some of the things birthed in Sally and Libby’s hearts… Great stuff. 

Then we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend for some amazing family time.  MUCH NEEDED and WOW!  What a place that was.  We will go back for sure.  The kids LOVED every minute of it. I was optimistic since it seemed a bit pricy for one night But I’m glad I was surprised and felt the family time and experience was well worth it. Dave’s tweet from our arrival there was… “Wow! All I can say is Wow!”–daughter Emma 5 minutes into Great Wolf Lodge Exp. Reminds me again that imagination is a spiritual exercise.  I had to rewire myself not to tell the kids to be quiet in the halls or don’t run.  It’s a place created for just that.

And that leads us into this week.  SO MUCH to do.  Not enough time to do it.  May is basically here which means June and July  (Summer Camp Time) will be here before you know it as well. Tennis League is going on. School is winding down.  Wayfarer Golf Tourney coming up and the Bill Norris tourney next weekend for Dave.  I’ve got a few books I’m dying to finish reading and not to mention we have had our house listed for almost a year with LOTS of showings which means I’ve been living in a show house for a year with three children.  Can someone say, A LOT OF WORK!  Now I’m rambling but I must record this stuff so when I look back at it one day I’ll be amazed at how all these current details played a huge role in the journey we are on.  It’s always inspiring looking back on things you never understood only to be dumfounded by the Goodness of God in the midst of what where part of your darkest moments… busiest moments…questional moments…timing moments.  Glad it’s not my time, but HIS timing that the rhythm of my life ticks to…. Happy Monday.  I’ve missed you sweet blog world!