I have been recently blown away by life experiences.  That sometimes our most broken moments can journey into one of our most amazing joys.  It’s odd how that can happen.  And sometimes you are aware of this happening in months following and other times in years.  But WHEN it happens, when you walk through the redemption of what was lost to what was made new it’s completely mind blowing.  I have a few tokens of these types of life changing moments that have played out in my life.  It’s just been a good day to reflect on the goodness of redemption.  

Of course Frankie is one of those moments for me. I”m still not sure if the earthquake had not happened if we would have been celebrating his 4th birthday with him here.  Out of such massive tragedy and heartbreak our sons arrival to us because of an earthquake will always be a very broken but bitter sweet memory for me.  This weekend we celebrated Frankie’s 4th birthday.  My sweet little boy is 4.  It was really his first “real” birthday where he was able to understand what a birthday actually was and be present and celebrate in it.   Last year when he turned three he was just a few months into being home with us and had no clue of what his birthday meant.  He was still figuring out how to process living in a family here with us.

I asked Frankie what his favorite part of his party was.  “His cake” he said.  I’ll be honest, my heart was so full and blessed watching him enjoy others give him gifts and take the time to celebrate him.  He was so proud opening his gifts.  It took him FOREVER too. 

To think back on how far Frankie has come in the past year is mind blowing.  I LOVE watching him learn his rhythm in our family and be able to communicate now and give and be part of who we are.  I will love to have the front seat into watching how his life  story unfolds as his family and community surround him.