Time is flying!

What a great week.  Dave is currently still in England.  I’ve heard from him a few times via email.  Silly guy, technology is not his friend.   I really can’t wait to hear all about his trip.  I’m such an introvert but am finding the need for a bit more conversation.  Today I found myself talking out loud in the car just to have a conversation.  I miss the evening chats Dave and I always have and chatting with the kids just does not cut it.  For example on the way to school this morning Izzie says,  “mom we need to adopt a baby to join our family”. I said, “Are you CRAZY?” She said, “No mom, I want us to adopt a crazy, funny baby.” LOL Izzie – not happening. This girl makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. Must be her name! 🙂  

It is kind of odd Dave is in England. And not just that he is there but WHY he is there.  More to come on that a bit later.  But this past year we have met some amazing people who have become friends and family to us.  And some of them just happen to be British.  In some ways I’m a bit jealous that Dave gets to see their history and homeland before I get to.  And I must say life is so much richer with some British flare in it.  I mean who doesn’t LOVE the words, Fantastic, Lovely, Brilliant.  Emma even the other day was joking around calling me “mum” and “mummy” So I have this urge…  to one day be able to turn on a legit British accent on the spot and make people wonder.  I do believe it can happen.  After all I am a true northerner who went to live in the south and now I sound like some country southern bumpkin.  Oh brother!  But anyway, I’m digressing.  Moving on….

Lots happening this weekend. Friends coming in town, Frankie’s Birthday Celebration, Greenville Zoo, and even rumors of an adult night on the town?  Oh my!