I love to blog.  I’ve been busy and so I don’t get time to blog as much as I like.  But I feel so much better since catching up with Jaimie Ivey on her blog and she feels the same way.  At least I’m not the only one.

Where to start?  It’s early on a Saturday morning. I’m up and moving.  Probably because I feel so rested.  I’ve learned a lot lately about working out of rest.  After school gets out in the afternoons, that is when I mentally begin my day and it starts with family fun and rest.  I head to bed to rest some more and then when I wake up I finish my day with work.  It’s been a fun little routine.  Has your day ever started when the kids get home? Do you work from rest?

I’m full on into our spring tennis league.  Been playing some singles.  I was pretty worried playing singles at the level I am playing.  This time 2 years ago when I went to play, I would get demolished on the court.  It was not a pretty thing.  This year?  We’ll I’m happy to say I’m 2 and 0 for a personal record.  I’m a bit shocked.  It feels good to win sometimes.  I hope I get to win in a lot of areas of my life.  Winning is good.  Even ask Charlie Sheen!  I admit I’m one of his many followers on twitter.  It’s very fascinating.

I had a quick trip to Charleston this week to hang out with our 3DM family.  I was thinking to the first time I met some of them.  I can’t remember how I  ever walked life without them.  It’s all very crazy to me.  When friends become family. Lots of them blog, lots of them don’t. But for those that do, they have some amazing thoughts on life.  Go see for yourself – Mike Breen, Sally Breen, Doug Paul, Jo Saxton, Eric Pfeiffer….and there are others.  Dave is actually heading to England today to meet up with Mike.  I can’t wait to one day get to go as well.  Sally and Libby are heading tomorrow to Haiti to spend time with compassion and to see things happening in the womans prisons.  I’m really excited for them to get to see the country where our son is from.  So many amazing things are going on.  I feel very blessed and thankful.

During my time away my family was able to help out with the kids.  I don’t want to get smacked by my friend Courtney who tweeted yesterday, “Just an FYI – those of you who live near your parents, if you EVER take that for granted, I might smack you. Feeling the distance…sucks” Oh my heart breaks for her.  I don’t ever want to take that for granted that for now my family is near. 

I do not get the best mother award this week.  I sent Izzie and Frankie to Dave’s parents and FORGOT that Tuesday, the day I was gone was picture day.  The pictures did come back and looked great, (besides their hair and what they were wearing)  Izzie and Frankie – Growing up way too fast.  They really are best friends.  They do everything together. What is happening to my little children?  They are not little anymore!

I also have another problem.  Remember the Message in the Bottle we found?  Well when we got home I put it in a safe place so we display it later.  I just happen to forget where that safe place is?  Emma is not too happy with me since her plan was to take it to show and tell yesterday and her mother could not find it for her to take.

As many of you know our house is for sale.  It’s been for sale since August of last year.  Of course the fall was really slow and with the spring we’ve had lots of showings.  And of course when I left Tuesday I thought, I should leave it in “show” condition but it was so crazy getting everyone ready for me to leave that I just ran out of time.  But what are the chances we would have a Tuesday showing?  Slim to none.  The moment I arrived at Seacoast my phone rings.  Yup, someone wanted to see the house that afternoon.  I had to tell them no.  We are just praying for the perfect family who see’s our house and wants to make it their home.  It’s a terrible time to sell and there are so many foreclosures on the market.  I know it’s said that a heart makes a home, but for me our home is where the heart is.  It will be very hard to leave the walls that have held so many memories for us these past 7 years. But I’m really excited about the next place that will be our home. So we continue to pray that our home will sell in HIS perfect timing.  I tell people ALL the time, where we see Time, God see’s Timing.  I’ve been telling myself that a lot lately!

So that’s a little bit of what you have been missing. I have a lot more to share in posts coming soon, family soup nights, adoption circles, Brad and Emily, Frankie’s Candle.   Really fun things that are happening.  We are all working really hard with what we have been given.  We’ve been trying to rest really well so that our work is coming out of rest and not the other way around that we are resting out of our work.  Big difference.

Now off to get Dave packed for his trip!