Dave has the kids out on a date night while I am behind getting the house in a peaceful state for a restful evening tonight before the madness hits.  As the washer and dryer are humming, and I’m listening to “beautiful things” by Gungor, I can’t help reflect on all that is going on in Japan and the massive loss.  ” You make beautiful things out of the dust, out of us…. Just a sweet reminder to live in the  moment.  Give all that you can.  Love well. Live out your dreams. Take nothing for granted.  You really just never know when you will take your last breath.  And so in the busyness of life, I’m thankful to evaluate and know we are being busy for the right reasons, hopefully reasons that will continue to have life long after mine is gone.

We are in a really busy season of spring right now.  Lots going on.  Which means as normal  the demand of life always seems to exceed our supply.  I think that best describes where our family is at right now.  It’s a good, sweet place to be at.  It’s often in these times that we are pressed down and stirred together and running over.  But I have come to the understanding that the demand will always be there and we won’t be able to do everything.  So I always run back to abiding in these moments.  It is there that I find the strength to overcome the obstacles of time that face me.  And crossing my fingers that the capacity I think is there is enough to get me through.

Dave is on a long stretch right now.  He was in GA this weekend, leaves for Charleston in the morning for the week, back to GA for another day and then he’s catching a Flight to England and spending a week there.  Although it seems daunting when I look at the calendar and the time he is physically in our home this next travel stent, I am so encouraged with the demand that our family has been called to.  I’m actually a bit giddy about all that is happening these next few weeks.  Beyond giddy.  I will have to remind myself that in moments  when I have lost patience or am frustrated with the increased responsibility, to really work through those times of being overwhelmedwith grace. 

Dave had a great time this weekend in GA with the FAYMA group. Over 1500 students from across the area came together for a Disciple Now weekend. They used one of the Wayfarer Smoke themes.  And always a joy, Dave was able to hang out with Chris Brooks  a fellow Wayfarer who is now leading the College Ministry on the Campus of the University of Alabama, through Calvary Baptist. And in the morning Dave is off to Charleston to the Campus of Seacoast to be part of the first “Quad Community” for 3DM.  We get partner with an amazing team of people through 3DM.  I really often sit in awe as I watch all the people and personalities and giftings collide together.  Churches from across the country will begin a 2 year journey with the 3DM team to start training for implementing a culture of discipleship and missional communities in their churches.  It’s beyond impactful and amazing. I’ve even wiggled a way to get there for a day myself! I can’t wait.

But in the meantime, today is filled with lots of snuggle time with daddy!  Rumors of Frankie’s Fun Park turned out to be true. Dad knows how to bring surprise and joy.  See I’m really out of luck with no amo when I’m here to fend for myself. How can I compete with that?

And our kids.  What else can I say but that they get it.  We all are on mission together.  We are an extension to what Dave does even when he is gone.  We play a huge roll in praying for him and the team and the people that our family gets to come in contact with.  Of course it’s hard having long stents away (It’s hard, they miss him) but at the same time, some of the adventures our family gets to be part of is simply priceless.  Ask Emma Rhodes who’s favorite thing about her Dad is that he takes her on trips (especially to Student Life for Kids Camp!) And you know, you don’t have to have someone in your family in a paid place of ministry to live on mission as family.  Whatever your occupation, that is your mission field.  So invite your family into it to journey together to bring peace and joy and blessing and good to the area’s God has given to you.  Invite your children into that process with you!

Happy Sunday everyone.  Peace and Blessings to you as you take on Monday morning.  Now off to iron some shirts.  (I hate ironing!)