I think it’s important in life to celebrate wins.  And if you can’t really stop to celebrate at least reflect on them.  I love to celebrate wins.  Team wins are the best because you get to gather around a group of people and celebrate together.  I’m glad I have the chance to do that a lot.  But individual wins are just as important.  I had a moment today that I was able to celebrate a personal win for me in a battle I’m really trying to work on. 

I am so far from perfect.  I actually am more aware of my imperfections each day than I like to be.  And I totally stink at a thing called conflict.  I’m not just bad at it, I BOMB at it.   I’m the type of person that just wants everyone and everything to be free and peaceful.  I strive to make the playing field happy, easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.  To the point where in situations or relationships when there is potential conflict I’m the first to ignore it, shy away from it, underestimate it, and even under emphasize it just to keep moving on. I know I do this for many reasons but mainly because for me it has been easier to ignore things at times than have to actually work through them.  I know I”m not alone in that because people share with me all the time they do the same thing.  I”m not saying this is a good thing to do.  Actually I’m saying it’s not a good thing to do. 

I want to handle conflict well.  I do think it is possible and I have learned so much as I have continued to walk life’s journey and learn from past mistakes and continue to walk in grace and hope that I don’t have to be bad at conflict.   That is one thing out of many that I have chosen will not define me.  I’ve learned that lesson a very hard way and have had to live in the consequences of not working through things at times when I should have been brave enough to.  I’m sure we all have those area’s of our lives where we have done that. It’s good to learn lessons but it sure is humbling to have to learn them the hard way.

So back to a personal win for me today.  I’ve had this area of unrest in my life where in the past I would really chose to bury it or walk away and act like it’s not a big deal.  But instead I chose to walk into my fears and be brave enough to work through it.  It was a simple moment for me.  I don’t think anyone else would have even noticed or thought anything of it.  But for me, it was huge and a testament to growth in my life.  As I was picking up the house today after snack time I had this amazing peace and joy settle on me. I realized what a good thing it can be to work through conflict when it is done in a  healthy way.  I sure am blessed to enjoy the fruits of growth from it.  I’m thankful for those who have been teaching me and encouraging me in my walk.

Regardless of what your area’s of weakness are or your imperfections… change can happen and growth can occur if you are brave enough to not have those things define you.  I am beyond thankful for the people who daily speak into my life.  Who invite me in with all door open and then not only love me in those moments but offer this incredibly high challenge to go for it with all that I am.  Beyond blessed.  It really does take a village.