Isn’t he just growing?  I am so in love with this little man.  And he is in love with a tie.  He even wears them on t-shirts because he tells me they make him look “handsome”.  And don’t you love his Dave Rhodes smile.  Like father, like son.

I think back to this time last year and really felt I had a toddler running around.  The toddler is gone and these days are filled with keeping up with the happenings of one smart, energetic and very pleasing little boy. 

I am from a few generations of all girls.  My mother had just a sister.  I just had a sister.  And so prior to Frankie coming I’ve never really been exposed to a world where little boys live in except for encounters with my friends children.  And having raised 2 girls of my own, many days I sit with this random look on my face and know it’s a boy thing.  It still takes me off guard sometimes but I love having Frankie’s presence inside our four walls.

You know there is a boy around when he keeps running into walls.  Knowing at any moment what part of the house he is in because I can “hear” him.  Jeans.  They last about a week and then holes in the knees.  I really dont’ understand it.  I’ve know this about boys but it’s a whole new thing to experience it. Right now he’s sitting in the tub due to the fact that he was just outside for 10 minutes.  He was covered head to toe in mud from 10 minutes outdoors.  Shocking, but true.

BUT, oh how I love him.  He has added such a sweet dynamic to our family.  He is doing SO WELL.  Even better than that.  He’s finding his rhythm and identity as a Rhodes and I just love watching him learn and grow and understand more about life.  I am so thankful for the heart of adoption.  For daring to walk that journey with all the unknowns.  The journey that lead our family to Haiti and to Frankie.  And to have him in the here and now and to be the one that gets to see his joy play out at moments during our day.  Nothing feels more natural to me. Thankful today for my family.