A few thoughts as today winds down. It’s been a great day.  A great few days.  Oh man, It’s been a great month, a great few months.  While I’m at it, it’s just been a great season.  Don’t you love great seasons?   It’s like the camellia bush outside our front door.  It just won’t stop blooming.  You think it’s done and then a few weeks later it blooms again. Even through some crazy wind storm last night (because life is not struggle free)  there are still blooms there.  Beautiful huh?

I love being plugged in and feeling connected.  I love being challenged and inspired. I love doing life and mission with people in community. I’ll take anything I can get and it is possible and worth everything to live life this way.  And we are not the only ones that live this way, there are so many other people doing the same in their communities and area’s of life and location. They can testify to it too. For me it’s so encouraging to work and play with a Rock Star Group of people who are shaking and moving and when you collide there is so much momentum and capacity that is growing.  LOVE IT!   Good times, good times.  There are always seasons to our life journey and I’m thankful for the growth in mine right now and will embrace it and learn from it for when the harder seasons come.  Because they are guaranteed to come.

I was reminded this week that,  “Relationship is a fundamental component of any Movement.  Trust and Covenant creates Family. For Movement to happen you must have Relationship.” 

It’s about Being and Doing.  We are doing a whole lot of being and a whole lot of doing.  Much fun!

As you look around you and the people who are part of your life, do you have some being and doing in your relationships?  Are you surrounded by people who challenge  you but also invite you in? Is there a mission and passions  you are being called to? Is there trust and commitment in the relationships you have and are establishing?  Just some good questions we all need to honestly ask ourselves on a regular basis. If you are then you are well aware of the blessing that comes from moments shared with others.  And if you find yourself alone, don’t give up. Be encouraged and keep looking for it.  We we were created for relationship and there is always hope!