First, thank you all of you who took time to encourage me and challenge me to continue to do what all of us do… tell our story.  Needed a little air and lift under the kite as it was getting really close to touchdown.  I think Corey said it best when she commented to me..”blogging can expose people to the lives of people that they might not ever meet “naturally”, and that this can be beautiful, truly expanding horizons and perspectives.” I have known this to be SO TRUE over the past three years.  I have so cherished relationships found through sharing of life.

Dave has been gone this weekend at  DNOW event in GA.  I was a bit jealous since he was with Carlton Hicks and Concord Baptist and Staying with Ron and Joy who I have heard so much about but have yet to meet.  One of the most rewarding things for me as a wife and our family is to be able to be part of what Dave is doing on the road even when we are not physically there. And it’s a real joy when a relationship is formed with those like Carlton where it’s not just a one time event but a partnership that has been ongoing for the past 5 years.  So rewarding and so fulfilling for this ministry wife.  Dave actually is about to hit a crazy spot in his schedule.  March is insane.  He’s gone at least 20 days in March.  Some of that is a trip to England so I’m not sure if that counts.  But I’m mentally prepping for a busy 4 weeks.  Bring it!

It was sad that Dave missed the party today.  Or maybe he was the lucky one since he would have been required to dress up.  We celebrated my “nana’s” 86th birthday.  She looks so good and is doing so well. I would love to have a strong 86 years of life here.  I hope one day also to celebrate 86.

My mother planned a “Kentucky Derby” party for her.  We all wore hats.  Lovely huh?


It’s also the first time that Frankie has ever worn a tie.  I think he’ll be wearing more of them.  After I put it on he was so proud, and said, “Mommy, I’m handsome!”  He even changed at one part of the day today into a t-shirt and made me clip his tie on his shirt. 

And how can you celebrate a derby without horse races.  Yes, my creative mother made horse hats for the kids and we had them run a lap outside around the house.  And as a good and intentional mom that I am, once the race was over I kept it going for at least 20 more laps.  They loved and I’ll love it later as I’m sure they will pass out tonight.

 I had my bets on the black Stallion but he ran out of steam.  I think it was his frog boots or the fact that his tail kept falling off.   The cute one in the middle above swept the field.

It was a great way to end our beautiful weekend.  Happy 86th Nana.  Can’t wait to celebrate 87.