For all of you who thought something happened to me, I’m still here, I promise!  I’ve had people contacting me this past week checking in making sure all was ok since I’ve not been posting much.  It’s been a crazy month here of schedules and sickness.  Oh my word… we have never had sickness pass through this house in years like it has this Flu season.  And of course say what you want, but I normally get the kids Flu shots at my mothers begging.  This year with being in Pawleys for three months and coming back I just decided it was not worth the effort.  I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.  After the fevers and body aches happening more often than they should we really should have built up our defences.

I told Dave this morning that I may be done with blogging.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  I know, I know.  But some days I feel that way.  I just find myself at a crossroads.  I don’t know what to share.  One because there is possibly so much to share that I don’t even know where to start and then two, I sometimes wonder if the details of my life simply may be boring people to all ends.  And then there is that constant wonder of “I blog”, but I’m really not” a blogger.”  After all, the blogging world has become so hard to figure out.  I really have not clue as to those that blog to get traffic and how they do and why.  I know awareness of something plays a huge role.  But it’s funny because if you are in serious blog mode, you will notice people are not quick to share their secrets with you as to how to better connect with your followers.  And it’s almost a full-time job that if you are blogging that much hopefully you are getting paid to do so.  If you are not you should try to figure out how.

And then there is people like me.  I love to process things and love to be able to share parts of my life with so many people who don’t live in my city.  It’s a great way for me to stay connected with others when time and distance otherwise would make it seem impossible. This is why I LOVE to BLOG!  I LOVE following a handful of people’s blogs because I’m a knower.  I just like to know what is going on in the worlds of people I know.  It helps me connect others and just gives so much more opportunity for outlets of many kinds. And so often I am challenged and inspired and blessed and encouraged because I get to follow along with the journey they are on and be part of their cheering community.  I think that is the number 1 reason I love blogs the most.

For the longest time my blog really was an access point to our adoption journey and I’ve been able to connect with so many people through it.  And in some ways it continues to be that and the daily life of a family who now lives as a blended family.  Maybe I should start sharing about more about that.

My blog has been about being a Ministry Wife and the ups and downs and challenges of being part of a non-profit ministry trying to help local churches and individuals.  I don’t assume that everyone who reads my posts believes what I do but still I like to share about the God story in my life. We each have one.  Maybe I should start sharing more about that.

So, I’m a little discouraged to where I need to take this journey.  I’m wondering how tired people are of seeing the latest pictures of my children or be tuned into the fact that right now, the girls and I have made a pact to always have our nails painted the same color (purple is the color of the week this week, see picture above)

Let’s be honest,  I”m in a mode of being stuck, wondering when I’ll be able to get my foot loose.  The reality is that in the next 6 months I think some of you may find the next parts of my journey that are starting to unfold rather interesting.  At least it’s rather interesting to me.  Life always is in the process of taking twists and turns.  Some of the turns and changes coming for me, leave me speechless in a good way. They also offer much challenge and a good chunk of sacrifice.  And no, I’m not pregnant and no, we are not adopting again (right now our plate is full).  But it’s a huge shift in my life and I’m in the process of getting myself ready.

I hate asking anyone who reads my blog to comment.  It’s not how I roll.  BUT if you have followed any part of my life since I’ve been blogging, I could really use some breakthrough and would love to know the things about my life that you have enjoyed hearing about.  And I’m not assuming everyone enjoys reading! 🙂  Maybe that will help me get going again.  So yes, I’m still here, I promise.  I’m just trying to figure out what to say!