So … the time has come….. to say goodbye.

I was not lying to myself.  I remember packing this past September trying to get everything to fit in two vehicles.  I went back to make sure I had locked all the doors one last time.  Then we jumped in the cars and started our journey.  I remember taking a right out of Carey Plantation taking one last look at the road behind me.  “Here’s to an amazing adventure.  I know I’m going to blink and it will be over.  Kim, make the most of it.”

Amazing it has been. And I did blink and it was over.  And I do think I made the most of it in every way. The past three months have flown by.  Last night Dave and I sat in a silent room filled with bags of stuff that we will be loading up in just a few hours and we shared with each other what it was that God had done in our lives over the past three months.  Such a sweet time for us.  It was a joy to look back and connect all the dots and see Gods hand over our lives as He gently guided us. It’s always a thrill ride when you surrender to His voice in your life and follow it with all of who you are.

So my final words before leaving today?  Have an adventure – Dare to do it! 

Goodbye Pawleys – until we meet again!

(Emma and I watched the last sunset from our house last night.)