What a fabulous year it has been.  This time last year Dave and I were in Charleston and Danced in the new year.  We’ve been in Charleston for the past 7 years celebrating New Years with our friends.  I’m a bit sad (more than sad) that we are not there this year.  With just getting back into town it’s been really impossible to turn around again. Really don’t want to make that a habit and praying our friends forgive us for not being able to get there and share in the evening.

2010 for me personally was a year of the growth of great capacity.  I don’t think I really understood that till just a bit ago.  Often times challenges or struggles or impossibilities lead you on a personal growth that only looking back can you truly understand how much your capacity has grown. This year like some years, had many new challenges and blessings.

Frankie’s Arrival, becoming a mother of three, keeping a successful non profit a float in a terrible economy, tennis and the tennis community, being released locally by so many things out of our control, a life changing sabbatical in Pawleys Island, the encounter of many new life long friends, flexible children who dare to journey, a personal discovery of some of my gifts and abilities that I need to dive into, An amazingly supportive and encouraging extended family, a husband who wants to play hard and dare to attempt what seems impossible, believe it and include us in the process. I feel like I’ve aged a lot this year too.  Looking in the mirror I see more lines than I’d like to admit.  I feel so much older and wiser in so many ways but at the same time still feel younger too if that makes any sense.

And 2011 – I can only dare to dream that this new grown capacity was given to us for a reason.  2011 I believe is going to be a year of lots of change for me and our family. I believe it will be good change and hard change.  A change that I hope not only impact our family but will give us the opportunity to “lay all our cards on the table” and give all we have to a movement we believe in with all of our heart, soul, and spirit.  A movement that has carried us for our past years in ministry and one that will continue to allow us to keep going after it. As you will often hear us say, “we have come to play and play to win.”  I really believe it is possible to win.  So much so, that I’ll give my life for it. And who wants to win alone?  Not me.  I’m so thankful for the people that are in our lives that are going after the same thing.  Their wins become our wins and vice versa.  It’s just an honor to be playing on the same team with everyone.

So of course I’ll keep the blog coming. There is also a new blog possibly in the works on stories of woman in the movement and the costs, dreams, accomplishments, joys, struggles of “being a ministry wife” That will hopefully be encouraging, challenging, inspiring, as we all use our personalities and gifting to be on mission together.  Fun stuff for sure!  We’ll see if we can make it take some shape.

Much love to all of you who have ever read any of my blog ramblings. Thanks for allowing me to openly process some of my life and for encouraging me along the way in my struggles and in my celebrations.  Happy New Year to you all.  And whatever it is that you are giving your time, money, energy, life to I pray it’s something that is for Kingdom impact and if it is I pray you keep laying all your cards down and play to win.  It is worth it.  Cheers!