I want to yell…” Slow down!”  Life seems to be rolling along in a fast pace.  Days are going by way too fast.  I need them to slow down. I still have much to do in them.  And tomorrow is a big reminder of how fast pace things this year have gone.  Tomorrow a crew from Spartanburg will be coming to Pawleys to shoot some footage of our family for Bridgewater Candles.  In just a few short months we are on the verge of the year anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti.  January 12th has been seared into my heart as a day of heartbreak…even though it remains the day of my birthday.  And a few weeks later the day of Joy that Frankie came home is seared there too.  I can’t believe we are approaching a year.

Many of you know that Frankie’s birth mom left him a bottle of her used perfume in a bag she prepared for him.  She knew she was dying.  This bag has tremendous meaning to our family and when old enough to comprehend will have tremendous meaning to Frankie as well.  In the months following Frankie being home, not through coincidence, we were in contact with Bridgwater Candles and then they at the same time were trying to get in contact with us.  

We are honored to be partnering with Light a Candle Feed a Child in launching a new candle….  The scent is based off of the notes in the perfume that Frankie’s mom left him.  These signature candles when sold will each feed one orphaned child for one week.  Bridgewater partners with Rice Bowls to help feed orphans.  So what one mothers act of love to her son before she died will be carried on and her story becomes part of Frankie’s and Frankie’s story now becomes part of helping orphaned children in their story. Again to say we are honored as a family to be part of this is an understatement.  Dave and I don’t have the resources to give in way that this candle will be able to and looking at how we get to be part of it is truly a blessing.  We have volunteered all of our time in helping them with what they need and in turn hope that their candle will raise lots of money to feed orphanded children.

 So pray for us tomorrow.  We’ll be taking some photo’s and then sharing in a video that will be used in future promotion of their Light a Candle Feed a Child program.

And to top of this week which seems to be focused on orphans and adoption… I’m getting the house together for my wonderful friends who together we have journeyed to Haiti to visit on mission trips and then as adoptive moms and then celebrating getting our children.  And well, to say I”m a bit excited is an understatement as well and I can’t wait to spend some time with them in person.  Girls weekend here we come!