So I think I’ve lost half of my readers since I’ve been posting on coastal living.  I know, half of your are sick of hearing about it.  I understand.  However I will say this.  I know many of you that coastal live and my question is how do you not talk about it more? In some ways I feel jipped because you’ve known this all along!  But I must keep the thoughts and pictures coming.  My blog eventually ends up as a book each year and I want to be sure to record our season of time here at Pawleys as we encounter it.

I grew up loving the beach.  I don’t love it in a way most think.  I’m not one who wants to sit there for hours baking in the  hot sun to add color to my skin.  I don’t even get in the water much.  Don’t have a huge desire to swim in the unknown lurking waters.  I do however love to walk the beach.  I love to listen to the sounds of the waves crashing.  I love the opportunity for glimpses of birds or fish jumping, dolphins coasting by.  But my favorite part of the beach I would have to say is that breath of air you take in through your nose.  The air you thought had vanished from life but then you find it and take a deep healing breath.  There is nothing like it. And it does seem that every time I go to the beach something there is always new waiting for an encounter with me.  I love that. Today is was a crab that was looking for a bite of my lunch. (did not like that surprise that much)

We ran into a couple last night that we have seen a few times out walking.  They have a dog so the kids love to go pet “lady”.  They live a bit north but come every chance they get to the beach on Pawleys Island.  We told them that we were here for 3 months.  They said everyone should take a winter rental once in their life here and I would have to agree.  Dave left laughing asking me “I wonder what they think we are doing with our lives… just hanging out for three months”  I laughed too, ” because as much as our environment has been different and we’ve had a different pace and schedule I do think that for both of us we’ve been more intentional and invested and working and growing and giving in all aspects of our lives that many times the sun sets and there is still so much more left to do.  It’s been a wonderful tension of change, rest, growth and challenge.

Emma is off of school for the next 5 days.  Today we decided to have our first picnic. 

Treasure was found…

And joy was had…

Believe it or not,  this is the first weekend Dave has been home since we have been here.  We are looking forward to much family fun and the many surprises and joys and blessings that we encounter.