The video footage went well yesterday.  Thanks for thinking about us.  It was of course a bit stressful with kids and then the reality of “what do I need to say again?” floating in my mind.  I put way too much pressure on myself.  I do great if I don’t plan these moments or know they are coming.  When Frankie came home, we had no idea we were walking into media outlet interviews and so it was easy to just go in the moment and the flow but to actually plan for one… I am realizing I better stick to my day job of behind the camera details that help others who have the camera time be the best they can be.  I’m much better there.

I am so thankful for Dave who in my moments of shut down yesterday stepped right in and articulated our families heart for adoption and orphans and Frankie’s story better than I could ever have done even on my best day.   I’m so thankful we are a team.  That in ways we both make each other so much better.

I’m about to embark on a MUCH NEEDED girls weekend.  He’s taking all the kids.  And of course I’ve helped him tremendously in his world in handing him a minute by minute schedule of where the kids are going and when.  He’s thankful.  I feel blessed in playing my role and our dance continues of the partnership of family, life, ministry.

It really was exciting yesterday seeing so much we have been helping with over the past 9 months start to take on a physical form and excited that very soon, we will be part of many adoptive families on the journey with Bridgewater helping to feed orphans through this opportunity.

Sneak Peak…