So, today Emma is to dress up for school.  One problem we have is that in our move here I did not pack any costume outfits.  I mean even Dave and I will be lacking in our weekend attire.  I’m a bit sad that Captain Hook won’t be making an appearance this year.  How could I forget the costumes.

I take that back.  I packed one princess flowing dress that when I put it in the play bin of things we were taking I noted to myself, “Emma could wear this.”   I did not take into account that we are very quickly leaving the princess stage of life with her.  Very sad but very true.

I’m not about to go spend money on a costume but I’m really out of time.  So we swing by the Dollar store in hopes that a dollar could get her something to get by.  It actually cost $7.  It was a  hard seven to part with especially since I was walking out the store with the only thing left on the shelf.  A vampire outfit.  I’m not a big fan of vampires (although I have a t-shirt that says I run with them, team Edward)  but I figured we’ll think of something.

So creative mom gets a star.  We cut the bottom of the outfit to create a hair piece and vampire disaster turns into a medieval princess/queen.  It works. She’s happy. I’m happy. And in some small way I get to keep the little princess in her alive for at least one more year.