I love meeting new people.  Even though I’m a bit of an introvert, I love the opportunity to engage in others lives. This week we had a play date with Laura and her son Larson who I met at a book club discussion the second day we arrived here in Pawleys.  She loves to blog so I think us bloggers had an imediate connection.  It’s been fun catching up on her life and to share parts of mine as well.  She also takes a camera around and I so love that.  She took some pictures of our time together.  I’m posting her latest post and you can also check it out here.  She has promised to show me some more of Pawleys while here.  I can’t wait!

We have really been enjoying this Indian Summer. Yesterday, we went to the beach with our new friend, Kim, and her children. While one was in school, the other two 3-year olds joined us, as did Larson! It was SO hot, like 84! Beautiful! The children had fun playing in the sand, and Kim and I enjoyed chit-chatting.


They adopted their little boy from Haiti, and while it would have normally taken years for the laborious paperwork to go through, after the earthquake, 750 orphans were flown in a military plane to the U.S. for their immediate adoption. He seems to fit right in without skipping a beat, and his mom and dad’s compassion  and patience impresses me so much!  


Larson just about got sunburnt!


Loved their beautiful view of the Pawleys Island creek and marsh from their widow’s walk. The wildlife is so abundant here. We just love it.