3DM is hosting one of their learning communities this week.  Actaully the next month is full of them.  Dave left the house at 6am yesterday and got home after 11.  As he sat in the chair I asked if he was tired?  He said it was one of the best days he’s had in a while.  Tired yes, but an energized tired. I am so thankful that we are  here to where we can drop in and be part of what God is doing through 3DM. I was able to sit in  on a few hours myself.  Since we have met 3DM I  have yet to be in the room where they get after their teaching and pouring into others.  I loved being in the room.  I loved seeing everyone use their specific gifts as they all got after their roles.  I loved seeing the people that came for the community engaged and inspired and challenged.  I was. I left with a mind swirling… notes taken on a scrap piece of paper since I came unprepared….

As you can tell I had lots to make quick notes…

My one take away out of many…

In the past year I’ve realized how much our Capacity has been growing as our family continues to walk in the promptings of what God wants to do with us.  I’m thankful that I did not realize it at the time and in the process because the reality is that  the only way to greater capacity is to grow through failure, difficulty, struggle, hardship.  Not something you get excited about doing or walking through.  However I’m so thankful for struggles in our lives.  And I’m not just saying that.  There will always be seasons of struggle.  You can’t avoid that.  It’s called life. It’s just in those seasons reminding yourself that as you keep walking that your capacity is growing for a greater purpose. 

I want God to do amazing things in our lives and through us.  Whatever that may be, whatever the cost.  I want that for everyone that they find it is what it is that they are good at and let God take you to places that only he can lead you.   BUT more than that, I want to invest, inspire and encourage others with our lives so that those coming behind us can do even GREATER things than our Family could ever have imagined doing ourselves. 

Just processing some of that stuff… I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately as my heart keeps pondering so many things.

I hope as you engage life and your passions that you go after it. And take others along with you.  Maybe God will even use them to do even greater things!  That struggle you are facing?  I wonder what God is growing you and preparing you for?