What a weekend.  Our 7.5 Combo team made it to state and so we were playing at Daniel Island this weekend.  We are only about an hour and a half away so our first match was at 11 on Friday and I planned to leave the house with enough time to be there by 10:30.  Over an hour into my drive while I am talking away with my mom on the phone I looked over and then behind me and had a panic moment.  I forgot my tennis bag with my rackets and shoes and well anything and everything you need to play tennis.  Who does that?  I do not do these kind of things.  But indeed I did, I forgot them.

Crisis mode!  What on earth was I thinking?  Well that morning I had packed the car and was ready to go when I noticed our tire was low on our Honda.  So last minute I took our van and changed out kid seats for Dave for the day.  In the process my bag was left. 

Dave is my hero.  He loaded the kids in the car and drove all the way to where I was playing and got me my bag 5 minutes before we went on.  We had a great weekend.  We won 2 and lost 1.  Came down to tonight where our team and another team were tied to play on for tomorrow in the semi finals.  We lost the toss up due to the fact that the other team had won one more set than we did on the score card. 

My tennis partner!

Some of the team…

We also were able to enjoy park day at Daniel Island today.  So much fun!  Frankie had his first pony ride and I also got some cute pictures of him and his dad!

And it’s always a blessing to be with friends…

and one more of the kids……


Maybe two….

You can see they like dad better!