Since moving to a new place for a while adoption seems to be thoughts that have been more on my mind lately.  I’m just more aware of our journey these past few weeks as we establish a new home for a while with our children.  Having patience with Frankie as he’s learning a new place and new boundaries again has constantly kept my mind and heart at the forefront of walking the “adoption road”.  New surroundings also bring new cultures and new people.  We live more in a retirement town/area? and there are lots of older generation people here and I’ve still yet to figure out or process some of the “looks on their faces” when we stroll through the store or walk into the rehab center/ I mean gym with 2 children in tote that make people take another look.  This does not bother me at all but just causes me to ponder once again our journey.  Everywhere I go my eyes are always scanning the crowds to see if maybe I’ll happen to run into another family that may look a bit like us.  I’m still waiting to find them.  I’m sure they are here somewhere.

I woke up this morning checking blogs and was once again stirred to some reminders of the road that lead us to grow our family in this way. If you have any adoption promptings at all I would really encourage you to read a few posts and be blessed and disturbed.  This one by Sit a Spell.  And this one by Rage Against the Minivan. 

I think God wants to use each us in so many ways to further his Kingdom.  And because of our personalities and our individual relationships with him, our responses are always different as to what he is wanting us to be part of. Adoption for me and my family is just one of the ways we have responded to being part of the Kingdom of God.  It’s nothing about what we have done.  We’ve done nothing really.  As simple as breathing in and breathing out the air that sustains us we as simply walk the adoption road that has grown our family.  I don’t know what roads God is calling you to walk.  What he’s tugging at your heart to do.  It’s often that inner sweet voice that you will hear that won’t relent.  I’ve been so encouraged by engaging in the lives of so many people that go after it.  I hope we all continue to encourage each other.  As I’m learning from a book from Mike Breen, Responsibility ALWAYS follows relationship.  Our fundamental responsibility is to represent God.  We are to steward, oversee and care for all that he has created.  How you do that… well as your passions come front I always think the hows become so clear.

Blessings friends!