There is NOTHING that makes me happier than knowing I got a good deal on something.  Even to a fault at times I’ll buy something (that I don’t need) only because it was such a steal that it would have been a crime to pass it by.  But this weekend I had a major score. 

Yes.. a 172.00 pair of designer jeans for the little price of 19.95!  And top it off it was at one of my favorite places… Anthropology!  The family ventured out to Market Commons this weekend.  It’s a bit of a drive from our house but it has EVERY favorite store of mine.  Movies/Cold Stone/VS/Anthropology/Pottery Barn/Banana Republic/Barnes and Noble/ Justice (for Emma). … and those are just to name a few.  They  have PF Changs there and Travinia of all things…  (which was really busy).

So what get’s you fired up?  Is it a good deal?  I’d love to hear about it!