Do you have a specific event as a little child where you have this wonderful memory of something fun you found?  Emma I think will cherish yesterday like that.  I know I will.

We were having our afternoon play time at the beach (still can’t get used to that) with some friends (from Spartanburg of all places).  The adults are sitting in chairs.  The kids are digging holes and building castles.  The day is a bit overcast and lots of huge waves are crashing because of the storm that just went through.  And to make it even just a little more memorable (what happened to Emma) as we sit at least 12 dolphins swim by in almost touching distance on their jolly way putting on an amazing show. And yes, I say to myself in my head… this is not real.

Emma is out exploring and then I hear her voice.  She’s going crazy with excitement. She is yelling in celebration and awe…  “I found a Starfish!  I found a REAL Starfish.  And sure enough she did. And it was one of those moments to see her enjoy that I know she’ll cherish for a long time but as a mother, I will never forget that moment.   The rest of the evening she paused many times in the random things we were doing and said to me, “mom, I can’t believe I found a real starfish.”  Went to bed last night saying and woke up saying it.

I’ve never found a starfish.  I’m so glad she did.  It truly is the little things and simple things like a self discovery or a change in perspective or new place that brings the most impactful moments one will never forget. Our family being here on this time we are on is already bringing so many impactful moments for us.  Thankful today for experiencing God’s blessings and the joy it truly is when we finally find that something we’ve been searching for.  We’ve known it to exist but never thought we would actually find.