I”m a bird!  Or I feel like one.   – I’m flapping my wings…..

You know in the movie, oh I forget the name of it… Noah and Ali…. where Ali runs on the beach flapping her arms saying, “I’m a bird! I’m a bird.”  So much hidden meaning in that. I’ve started the nesting process.  Finally here almost a week.  Some schedules getting established.  School started for Emma. I think I found a solution for the little kids a few days a week.  I have people that I can call to ask where things are. Dave is off and moving and I’m thankful he’s just fitting right in the learning communities here.  And I feel very blessed and relieved that our family has truly been welcomed with open arms.  I longed for that and desired it and felt it would happen but there is always that fear of what if we just don’t fit in or they don’t like us? But it’s just not the case. It’s as if we have plopped right in the current flowing here and we are the lucky ones that get to bump into some amazing people and join the flow.  I’ll truly cherish every opportunity to get to be around some of these fun people for the next three months!

I”m a bird!  Or I feel like one.   – I’m nesting…. 

It’s fun to nest.  New routine, new surroundings, new things to adventure out to.  And a new view.  I seriously need someone to pinch me.  I think I was created for coastal living. “don’t worry mom.”  If you have been to this area then you know.  It’s new to me.  I’m constantly being taken back by the beauty all around here and the way you get to exhale followed by a deep breath in that brings so much peace.  Our beach home is just what we needed.  Even the floor plan and the space layout is SO perfect and peaceful.  And then our nest…our home even has a birds nest.  On top of the house is a nest area where you can look for miles…. Dave and I have promised to spend many evenings up here once the kids retire to bed.

And before you go thinking…wow must be nice…   – Much sacrifice has gone into our time here.  From our work to our family to financial to our friends. Lots of details had to be worked out  and so many decisions and roads lead us to this transition.  And there is a huge part of our team not here and are plugging away back at home base just like we are here.  The good news is that they all have promised to come at some point or another.  When they come I hope they are truly blessed.

Last night as a group of us were sitting on the beach after the sun had set… the full moon decided to drip up out of the ocean Horizon.  I’m not sure I’ve seen that kind of beauty for a long time.  I even found Emma drawing it this morning.  I’m craving to learn so much about myself, life, friends,people, ministry, God while here.  I think so far I’m off to a great start.