Oh Norman… You are about to be way too good for us……

We arrived yesterday to our new home and a day later I think we are pretty much settled.  It’s weird living in a home that is “not” yours but becomes “more” of yours because we are here for more than a week.  In many ways I can’t believe this opportunity is happening.  We have been so welcomed here.  And the running joke is that “us two introverts”…”Dave and I” are actually maybe or even possibly a little fun to be around?  People may be lying to us but I think we are kinda fun! We are definitely throwing ourselves out there wanting to make the most of new friendships and learning experiences, and family time.  The kids are adjusting SO WELL.  I think they can’t believe we are here either.  Tonight we walked down from our house to see some sea turtles being released.  I felt like I was in the latest Miley Cyrus movie… Last Song!!!  About 50 of us gathered as 2 turtles were rescued from the nest (they did not make it out on the first time and we watched them crawl to the ocean).

This thought may be Lame… maybe….but kinda reminded me of  the journey we are on.  Two turtles headed out to sea… catching the waves and heading to the surf.  Lots of not knowing but oh so ready to take on whatever comes.

The above people are going through the nest that already “hatched” seeing if any turtles were left behind..  and there were… two of them…

Frankie and Izzie taking a look

Headed out to sea….

And our walk home……  You can see why they like it here…..

If this mom (me) has to home school at any point in life (not planning on that) then I would say today I knocked one out of the park.  (way to go me!)

So many adventures for sure.  Regardless I’ve got three kids passed out upstairs. Waiting on Dave to get back from his day from a pastors retreat (so thankful he was able to spend the day with 3DM) so we  can catch up and looking forward to what tomorrow holds.