What a crazy last few days.  Dave was in North Carolina  for Momentum and I stayed behind getting us ready for our move tomorrow.  We are packed and ready to go.  It’s interesting as I was getting stuff together for our 3 months away, what little you truly do need for day to day.  It all fits in about 2 vehicles to be exact. 

We are so excited.  We are ready.  I am ready. Ready to learn, give, love, receive, rest, restore, be inspired, be family.  You get the point.  I truly feel this is such a rare opportunity and I don’t want to miss any part of it or look back on our time and say “I wish I would have…”  None of that.  I’m just so thankful that our stage in life has allowed us to do something like this.

So we’ll pull out tomorrow and pull into our new home, which we will call, “Norman” and well, the rest is yet to be written….