One thing that you can always count on is that Change will always come.  It’s part of life.  Sometimes it’s planned.  Sometimes you are surprised.  Sometimes you choose it or sometimes it chooses you.  Sometimes change is discouraging and sometimes it’s the most exciting thing that can happen. The wind of change is coming again and this time it’s our family that is making the transition.  We are moving! (temporarily)

It is amazing where God will take you when you are willing to follow. Life is full of surprises when we choose mystery over security. –  “Mcmanus”. 

In this case He is taking us here:

Dave and I have always been ones to follow the “holy hunches” that have come our way.  We’ve missed some of them but most of the time when we see, hear, or feel them present we normally do everything we can to act on what we have felt prompted to do and even though it may not be the most practical economical thing to do, we normally throw security to the wind and follow the mystery that presents itself.  Some people have looked on us in the past thinking we’ve been crazy.  But most look to us and see the wind blowing and say so encouraging and boldy, “go”.

So we are packing up our clothes and a few belongings and we are headed east to the wonderful land called Pawleys Island, SC.  Here we will represent ourselves and also Wayfarer as we spend three months as a family and totally submerging and engaging in a larger community of people there.  About a year ago, Dave and David Reichley attended a tasters conference hosted by 3DM Ministries.  You can watch a quick video here that lets you know a bit about what they are about.  They have an amazing grasp on discipleship and the church.  Dave came home from that time and when he walked in the door I knew something “radical and impactful” had happened during his time away.  Relationships formed and even us wives had a chance to go to Pawleys and meet these people we were hearing so much about.  The 24 hrs there for me personally were life changing as well. 

So the door opened and we knew we had to go.  We’ll do everything in our power to make sure we get there to learn, to share, to heal, to inspire, to do one on one life with others, to be.  It’s been fun watching things unfold.  We found a furnished beach house (thanks Helen) we will be renting. Emma will be attending the local public school.  Izzie and Frankie have options for preschool.  I’m already in a women’s bible study and book club.  And the community there is vibrant and we will do everything we can to throw ourselves into the rhythm that is already there.  We’ll still be plugging away at Wayfarer. We’ll have the team at Wayfarer coming to visit as often as possible and others will be coming in as well.  As much as I’m excited about the personal opportunities for Dave I’m really even more excited about the opportunities I will have to learn from some amazing british women(and no british, Kandi) who have spent their lives partnering with their spouse.  They are functioning as a unit as Dave and I really try to do and they have this amazing grasp on opening their homes, entertaining, raising their children, mentoring other woman and the list can go on and on.  To say I’m excited about doing life with them is an understament.  I know for our future I’m going to need to learn some things in these areas.  The only thing left to figure out is how to plug into the local tennis there!

So that is big news around here.  As much as this journey is exciting it is also scary too.  In the economic situation that we all find ourselves in it does not really make sense to add to our personal expenses by taking on a second house payment  etc.  BUT we do it because we know we are investing in our future. For us, it’s worth it.  And in the past 10 years God has always provided in amazing ways for our family when we wondered how we were going to make it some months.  So let that be an encouragement to you as well.  If you get those hunches, why not go for it? 

I’m sure I’ll have some fun adventures to post in the future.  And I’m really praying and hoping that I pick up some of the British accent to come back with.  I think that would be way cool!  We will be heading out in a few weeks.  There is much to do to get ready.