I’m packing today.  Not for our move coming up but for our yearly extended family vacation.  Before you roll your eyes and I know you’ll do this because at tennis last night the ladies were all making fun of me.  They are not thrilled I am leaving during our fall league season.  They said, “you mean to tell me you are moving to Pawleys Island for three months but before you do that you need to vacation in North Myrtle Prior to that?” Um, yes I do.

I look forward to this week more than any through the year.  For the past 6 years, my grandparents, parents, sister and her family and us vacate to what Dave refers as the “redneck Riviera”  Last year I had a few moments of what it would be like to have Frankie with us one day. I even wrote about it here last year. Amazing looking back at that little post now and seeing how in a year God blew us away and our son is now home.  Little did I know that I would be packing his bag for this trip as well.  He is has no clue what we are about to go do and he’s going to LOVE it.  From Putt Putt with daddy to beach/pool/lazy river/beach/pool/lazy river….  you get my point.

I looked back on some of our earlier trips.  I love these pictures.  So many wonderful memories.  I hope when I’m 40 I’m still blogging about our yearly trips together to North Myrtle.  It’s a wonderful tradition we’ve started with our family.  It’s cheap because we go a bit off season and relaxing because no one is there… everyone is back in school.  It’s as if we have the whole beach to ourselves!



The best view in the house


Day 2 007

Day 2 009

Day 6 005

And now…bring on 2010.  Here we come!