One of my favorite communicators is Erwin McManus (besides my husband people!).  Often you’ll find me trying to listen to one of his talks on line.  I’m a bit Jealous because my internet friend Jessica (that is what her husband Luke pegs us as) just got married and she’s in CA and Luke is taking an internship with Mosaic.  So today as I’m looking over tweets and McManus does what he does best.  So simple and so encouraging.

You know I love a story!  Here are a few tweets he put out yesterday.

Steps to living your story….

1.) Know who you are and who you are not

2.) Know what you’re about and what you are not about.

3.)Know what you must get done and what you must leave undone.

Whew…  I have had some things stirring in my head and his insight just gives me rest and assurance that my story is plugging away just as it should.

And THEN the mail comes…  PEOPLE are so generous.  Look what my “internet friend” sent my way today! 

Frankie is still napping but Izzie and I just loved reading this book.  It’s about a mommy that goes to Haiti after the earthquake to help out.  The books proceeds go to helping Haiti. Visit  Jessica, I LOVE IT!  Thank you for thinking of us! If we were not living on the coasts of two seperate oceans I’d give a great big hug!