The past few days have been a personal emotional rollercoaster for me and I’m not even riding it.  I’m just standing below watching as it goes and wondering, “how do they do it?”

Sterling right now is in his second brain surgery in two days and just a few hours ago we received news that Dave’s grandmother  passed away.  The reality of the precious treasure of  life has been hitting me from all area’s.

None of this is about me but I must say I have learned a great deal in watching those that walk life’s really tough roads.  I pray we never have to go through the trials but I know in a moment they can and most likely will find us.  I’ve been following Facebook and Twitter like an addicted person on crack.  Staying glued to the latest updates.  Talking on the phone with Dave’s family and heartbroken for his dad who today lost his mom. 

Roger and Becca have posted many thoughts over the past 24 hrs.  I think hero’s are people that look crisis and challenge dead in the eyes.  They take up their faith and hope and go after it.  I wonder if I would ever be able to get through the things that have presented themselves today to those that I love.  But then I look at those living in these moments who are so brave and fighting hard.  And I think to myself, If they can do it, maybe I could too.

Tweets from Roger and Becca that have challenged me:

  • Great strength can be found in great weakness. As a father I am quite weak now waiting-continuing to ask for His power to be made perfect.
  • Joy is a function of the heart, not the brain.
  • Thankful for new mercies this morning.
  • Becca said it well-Good to hold onto your kids, but we can’t hold them too tight. We continue to learn they are His more than ours.
  • We often ask “why me?” or “why us?” The better question might be “why not me?” “why not us?” Like how Paul put it, Be Ready In Season & Out.
  • “Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid, & do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” living in that today
  • Learning to lay down your dreams & pick up Gods plans is difficult…but can produce amazing peace, renewed passion & refined purpose.

And this kid…  ALWAYS a thumbs up.  He’s inspiring and oh so Brave.  He’s teaching me a lot too!