We have three days between camps.  Well actually one more day now but three days is not a lot of time of a break on a 11 day stretch.  And it’s not even June yet.  We are also full on into final days of preparation for Wayfarer Camp which is going to be Fantastic.  Emma’s on her last few days of school  and I’m trying to catch up with all the balls that I’ve dropped over the past month.  I’m surprised that the PTO has not kicked me off of the team for my amount of “no shows” to our many end of school events.  And then there are the two littles who jump up out of bed at 7am wondering what is in store for the brand new day.  I’m running on fumes and fumes are not good when you are just starting a race.  Talking about race.. I”m supposed to be in training for a marathon that is coming up this fall.  Gotta get on that one.   Anyone else caught in the midst of busy crazy life?