Well that was a quick break.  Ha.  I’m seriously laughing at myself.  There were 2 reasons why I wanted to stop sharing so much of my personal life and then 150 other reasons why I should so the 2 got shoved back down and I’m back.  Probably because I’m alone with the kids this weekend and that summer is upon us and there are always so many things to share about summer and camp season.  And then also because of an amazing new opportunity I’m going to have the chance to be part of as I continue to work out my passions in adoption and children who are in need.  I can’t wait to unroll some of the things that have happened that our family will have the privilege to play a large role in.  Patience friends… all in good timing till I can share.

But summer… Oh summer.  It’s the best part of the year for sure for so many reasons.  Our summers look so different than most others.  Mainly because I seriously become a single mother as Dave hits the road.  We get to go to a few of the places he goes and sometimes he just takes Emma.  If you ask Emma her favorite thing about her dad it’s that “he takes me to camp with him”.  And for Dave and I, I’m thankful the Lord blessed me with the personality and ability to hold down the home.  It’s hard with him gone especially now with 3 year old twins running this house but at the same time I enjoy our summers as much as Dave does.  The hardest part for us are the transition days.  When he’ll be gone for a bit and then I get into a groove and then he’s home for short stent and then off again.  Sometimes those short stents are challenging. We’ve learned to handle them the best we know how through the years but they are still challenging.

So for the summer….  Here’s a run down of the next 9 weeks.  I’m not listing dates because I sure don’t want to let people know when I’m home alone!

A weekend in Plant City, FL

A few days in Atlanta, GA

A week in Talladega, AL

A week in Anderson, SC

A week in Wake Forest, NC

A week in Anderson, SC

A weekend in Panama City, FL

A week in Palacios, TX

A week in Austin, TX

A week in Orange Beach, AL

A weekend in Mississippi and Alabama

A week in West Palm Beach, FL

Yeah, crazy summer schedule for sure.  Each year is different.  Each year brings it’s specific joys and challenges.  One of the joys this year is that Dave will be sharing part of Frankie’s story while he is on the road.  One of the challenges is that his schedule this year is a lot of back to backs which means longer periods of time away from home. 

Summer camp was a major impact on Dave’s life and mine growing up.  Our family considers it an honor to partner with others in creating an experience where students focus on life and God.  I wish all churches and families made it a priority to send their students to camp.  Find one near you and do it.  Our students NEED camp and retreat.  When they get isolated from so much stuff of normal routine it’s often then where they finally hear the voice of God who’s always been calling them but they just happen to hear it more when they take time to listen.

Keep our family in your prayers.  Dave has not had much rest this past year.  Just one of those years where there has been a lot on his plate in regards to ministry and our new family addition.  We’ve had a crazy year as so many unexpected things have happened. He’s an over preparer too.  He invests lots of time in prepping for summer and what he will share.  He may not be one of your favorite  communicators you have heard (he happens to be mine) however I do promise this, he is the communicator who has invested lots of thought and time into what he is to share and that truly embraces and prepares for the themes of each individual camp that he partners with.  Dave pours himself out not just when he has the stage but in the lives of people that he comes in contact with off the stage.  He enjoys it and it’s a major part of his ministry life.  He’s going to be so mad that I made that public. But this is just one of the many reasons I know my role at home is so important.  We truly are his biggest fans and I believe a man with a family that supports him can do amazingly more.

If you run into him this summer be sure to drop me a line and let me know!  Praying for each of you and your summer journey’s as well.  It does not matter what outlet you’ve been given, we all have the chance to share our lives and impact the lives of others.  Invest and spend your life away.  Every little cent is worth it.  Even on the hard transition days… it’s worth it!