I’m going to miss Tuesday nights now that Idol is over.  Dave and I have watched every season together on the couch.  This year was fun too because we also waited to to watch every week with friends and then texted back and forth as the evenings unfolded.  regardless if you like Idol  or not it was time for us where we unplugged and laughed and thought of nothing else but people singing and taking a journey.  Not sure we’ll keep watching.  Last night’s finale I thought was amazing.  And in the end when it was the “artist” vs the “story”, the “story” won.  “There is Hope, the story won”!” That was what I smiled and said to Dave last night when it was all over.

I have no idea why that hit me so hard.  I mean the artist was  in reality so much better than the story but sometimes when your life plays out and your story wins, well then it feels like redemption.  It feels like the hope you had was real.

I feel this way a lot right now.  In fact yesterday I had a good cry.  I knew it’s been coming for a while and I have them every so often.  I think we all need a good cry once in a while.  Lately I’ve been so busy and so needed in so many area’s of my life.  And in some of those area’s when you are working really hard to make progress and stuff out of your control is constantly hammering you back down to where you feel like you are right back where you started…. well it can get pretty discouraging.  You just want the story to win at the end.  So bad.  To know that even at times when you are working out of a hole that it matters.

Then the amazing husband comes in and tells me it’s all going to be ok.  Of course it is and I know that.  Life is just discouraging sometimes.  I mean it’s good but man, the roads walked can be so hard to push through at times.  And then I’m reminded that even though things are out of our control the plate that we have been given is abundant. And the things I am doing do matter if I’m doing it for 10 or for 100 people.  In the end it’s about impact and if that helps one person in their story, I/WE win.

The Wayfarer team heads out today to train the leaders/staff for winshape camps (chick-fil-a) These camps will minister to thousands of students this summer.  We get the opportunity to impact their leaders so that those leaders can impact others.  It’s an honor to be part of those types of stories playing out in everyday life, even if I just made sure everyone had rental cars for their trip today.